Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Welcome to our new blog for the upcoming documentary, "Next Stop: Silver Spring," about the history and restoration of our local B&O railroad station, scheduled to debut on WETA TV in March, 2008, and also to be released on DVD. This film is a sequel, of sorts, to our documentary, "Silver Spring: Story of an American Suburb," which was released in 2002. We began shooting the restoration of the railroad station before "Silver Spring: Story of an American Suburb" was finished and included a vignette about it in that film. Then, we thought that the station history and restoration would make for an interesting documentary in its own right. What's more, "Next Stop" features an original score by regional songwriters and musicians. Our nonprofit production company, Silver Spring Media Arts, Inc., is producing the film in cooperation with Montgomery Preservation, Inc., which saved the station from demolition and restored it to its vintage 1945 appearance. On this blog, producer/director Walter Gottlieb will provide news about the documentary and behind-the-scenes anecdotes as the documentary nears completion. We hope that all of you will enjoy reading about its progress, and commenting, too.Thanks for tuning in!

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Mary-Jo said...

Hi. How can I purchase a copy of "Next Stop Silver Spring?"

Thank you.
Mary-Jo Ford Dale