Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving voice to "1945"

Friday after Thanksgiving we went back into the studio at Jeff Gruber's Blue House Productions to record the vocals for our original song, "1945," written by Amy Shook and Felicia Carter. The vocalist was Jeremy Ragsdale, a jazz singer and jazz voice instructor based in Annapolis. He performed the vocal as a kind of cross between Tex Benecke and Nat King Cole (if such a thing is possible), and did a great job of interpreting the song about a soldier coming home to Silver Spring at the end of WWII. Jeff G. once again lent his impeccable ear to the session. After an hour, we had it, and were very happy with Jeremy's vocals! Visit Jeremey's website You may also want to visit Felicia Carter's site or Amy Shook's myspace page

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