Thursday, November 29, 2007

Site Survey for Jib Shoot

Today we did a site survey at the B&O station with jib operator Joey Walker of Waterview Media . We scoped out possible exteriors and interiors for the actual shoot on Tuesday, December 4th. Joey will be using a Cam Mate jib with a 30-foot adjustable arm, so we'll be able to swoop up to the roof of the station and all around. He seems like a good guy and a dedicated craftsman. We'll be using our DVX-100A mini-DV camera, which he assures us will balance on the end of the jib like the bigger cameras do. The weather was gorgeous today (for November, anyway) and we're crossing our fingers that Tuesday will be sunny and not too cold. But the forecast I heard on the radio on the way back said the weather will take an icy turn in the next few days. Blech. Anyway, we'll take some sunshine and blue sky regardless of the temperature. Stay tuned...

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