Monday, November 19, 2007

Recording the Soundtrack

We were in the studio today at Blue House Productions in Silver Spring, recording two new original songs for the documentary soundtrack. Songwriters Amy Shook and Felicia Carter wrote "1945" and "The Diner Car Song" and recorded it with Amy on bass and Felicia on vocals. Rounding out the session were Bob Butta on piano and Frank Russo on drums. This reunites the musicians who played on the soundtrack of our 2006 documentary, "Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser." "1945" is a feisty swing number about a soldier coming home to Silver Spring from WWII. "The Diner Car Song" is a cool, smoky tribute to the dining cars of yesteryear. It was exhilarating to hear Felicia, who's described as combining "the tone and drawl of Billie Holiday with the emotive leanings of Judy Garland" work these songs as only she could. Frank, Bob, and Amy went to town on drums, piano, and bass as they always do. We had the benefit of the sharp ear and technical prowess of Jeff Gruber, owner of Blue House Productions, to capture it all on his Pro Tools system. Editor Sean Cooney and I are already laying these songs into the rough cut as we speak. The original soundtrack will be available on CD once the documentary is released in early '08.


Marcia Macy Norman said...

Thanks for the memories of the B&O. We lived in the Faulkland Apartments when my parents moved to Silver Spring just after World War II and Pearl Harbor. My Dad was in government, I a student at Blair High School, graduate 1947. We use to count the cars on the freight trains, eat ice cream cones and have a wonderful time. Later, as a student at Northwestern, I packed my bags and books and hopped aboard for our trip to NU. Later, when we saved our dollars, we dined in the dining cars with our wonderful waiters who spoiled us all. Thanks for preserving our memories and the B&O. Marcia Macy Kauffman Norman, Mrs. Charles W. Littleton, Co south of Denver

Walter Gottlieb said...


Thanks very much for your B&O memories. If you were still in this area we'd interview you! Especially about the dining car and trainwatching. I hope you'll order the DVD when it comes out in early '08. We'll have a website up soon.

Erb said...

Walt, why not do a phone interview?